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  • Streamlined setup of battlers based on region assignment.
  • Option for actions to take place on either the map or the battle scene.
  • Status effect animations which occur at the end of each battler’s turn
  • Chase/Flee/Random: enemy/actor (Auto battle flag) move AI
  • Smart enemy action AI
  • Smart actor action auto AI
  • Can use a character graphic image for actor character action area selector
  • Can set display graphics for actor phase and enemy phases (optional)
  • Can setup animations which determine the speed at which each transition between actors and enemies take place.
  • Multiple victory conditions
  • Multiple Defeat conditions
  • Skills/Items have modular patterns (square, line, rhombus) in which rhombus changes to conical if the facing attack note tag is used. Can be modified according to exclusion note tag.
  • Skills/Items have priority based/terrain based/region based attack areas (ie: can attack an enemy that is on priority above or below only or can attack enemies on specific terrain)

QUICK SETUP (In progress)

With so many features, setting up your own SRPG or Tactical/Strategic RPG Game may be a bit of a challenge. You may check out the video below or follow the quick setup guide to setup your very own SRPG in under an hour.

Initial Setup, Plugin parameters:

  1. Create a new project (or use an existing) and load the plugin Synrec_TBS.js LAST in the plugin order list.
  2. After loading the plugin, open and pay attention to the region setup area to the top. By default, regions with ID 1 refer to positions in which the player may place an actor, 2 refers to valid enemy spawn points and 3 refers to no passage locations.
  3. You can setup the plugin to determine if all actions will occur on the map or in battle scene by default.
  4. Under scene setup, you can configure how actors and enemies are placed when a battle scene is called.
  5. You can choose whether battle progression is done via turn or via active. Active will have all actors turn order be modified in real time based on their AGI after a battler ends their turn. Turn will calculate the turn order once and then wait for all battlers to act before calculating it again granting everyone a chance to act at least once. (Turn combat is highly recommended).
  6. Moving to the reserve target area, please setup the graphics which will be used to indicate reserve areas. These graphics use the format of RPG Maker's character image files.
  7. Optionally, going further, you can setup Actor and Enemy display graphics which show on screen when it is either an actor/enemy's move/action phase.
  8. Setup the map selector, move area, selector area and action area character graphics file.
  9. Setup the graphics to show for placed trap area graphics. Traps trigger at the end of any battler's turn.
  10. Configure the graphics for default enemy character, dead actor/enemy and whether to hide the battle gauge on death.
  11. Check out the rest of the plugin parameters and configure them as needed.

Map Quick Setup

  1. Quickly create a new map. You may use the load map function by right clicking on the maps and selecting load sample map. The best sample map for the TBS plugin would be the Snow Town.
  2. In the map properties window which you can right click and select edit, add the note tag <TBS Map>. This will designate the map as a tactical battle map.
  3. The first thing to do would be to lay down all locations which will not be passable which by default is region 3.
  4. After creating unpassable regions, please set the enemy spawn points.
  5. Finally, setup the valid placement points for the player characters.
  6. Go back into the map properties and add the following note tags: <TBS Enem Count:3> and <TBS Enem Ids:[1,2]>. This will place three enemies on the map (Provided you have enough enemy spawn points to do so and these enemies will randomly be either enemy 1 or enemy 2.
  7. At this point, you can teleport the player to the map and the tactical battle will begin immediately by spawning enemies.
  8. You can specify placing specific team member battlers on specific regions by using the note tag <Place Actor ID: Region> where ID can be the actor's ID and Region is the region ID. Eg: <Place Actor 1: 4> will automatically place actor 1 on an available region 4 tile.
  9. You can specify place specific enemies on certain regions by using the note tag:<Region Enem 2:[3,4]> which will randomly place enemy 3 or 4 on all available region 2 tiles. These types of enemies are flagged and a special victory condition can be set for their defeat by using the note tag: <Victory Condition Enemies 2>
  10. Like the enemies, you can spawn helper auto-battler actors to assist by using the note tag: <Region Actor 5:[2]> which would spawn actor 2 on all available region 5 tiles. Additionally, you can set a common event to play by using the note tag: <Region Actor 5 Event:1> which will run common event 1 after the region 5 actors have spawned. Also additionally, you can setup a defeat condition for when those actors die by using the note tag <Defeat Condition Escorts 5>.
  11. You can setup a custom map exit by using the note tags: <Exit Map ID: 4>, <Exit Map X: 15>, <Exit Map Y: 33>. This will send the player to the map ID at X coordinate and Y coordinate defined. If the exit is another tactical battle designated map, the TBS battle will begin anew.
  12. You can check below to see more victory and defeat condition setup.

Battler Setup

  1. You can setup actors by setting their character graphic and battler graphic as usual in the RPG Maker database. In their note tag, you can specify a base move range by using the note tag: <Move Range: 1> To set the base move range to 1.
  2. For actors or even enemies, you can additionally set an AI type which can be flee, chase or smart but the true AI is determined by the skills the actor/enemy has available at the moment. If a battler can use a support skill on a nearby ally battler, it will prioritize that. health and mana support is done on a need to basis based on the critical status of nearby battler. (provided the skill does not have a support status attached).
  3. Enemies need a bit more setup in that you need to define a character file and index via note tags: <Character File:Monster> which will use the "Monster.png" character file and <Character Index:0> which, if the character file is an 8 character file image, will use the first character graphic.
  4. <TBS Stepping> note tag turns on the stepping animation for the battler.
  5. If the enemy battler is to be spawned as a boss, you can specify the boss spawn animation by using the note tag: <TBS Boss Anim:47> which will use animation 47 when it boss spawns.


  1. You can apply a move bonus to battlers by using the note tag <Move Bonus:5> which will grant a +5 move bonus if the actor has equipment or if the battler has state.
  2. Additionally, care must be taken to pay attention to the traits tab for all database setup. Attack Times + will grant additional turns to a battler for example.
  3. For states, you can have an animation play when that battler's phase is over by using the note tag: <TBS Anim:33> which will play animation 33 if the battler has state.

After this, you can refer to below to configure your TBS experience to suit your needs.

How To Setup Actors

Actors don’t require much to be setup in the tactical battle system nor do they have much note tags.

  • <Spawn Anim: number> (If not used, uses default set in plugin parameters)
  • <Start Turn Anim: number> (If not used, uses default set in plugin parameters)
  • <Move End Anim: number> (If not used, uses default set in plugin parameters)
  • <Action End Anim: number> (If not used, uses default set in plugin parameters)
  • <Revive Anim: number> (If not used, uses default set in plugin parameters)
  • <Dead Anim: number> (If not used, uses default set in plugin parameters)
  • <No Map Gauge> (Stops HP gauge/Status Icons from displaying on the map)
  • <Move Range: number> (Designates a move range for actor, can be a mathematical formulae)
  • <TBS Layer: number> (Sets the default layer of the battler during TBS Battle)
  • <TBS Stepping> (Sets the battler to always use the stepping animation)

At battle start, the player places actors on designated actor regions according to their own personal strategy.

Actor Region ID reflected during gameplay where players choose where to place actors

Graphical setup for actors is inherited from the database so the need for extra setup and note tags on that front is NOT necessary.

Automatic actors are only designated as such if the battler has a special state which flags them for it or if the actor is added as an extra actor (i.e: A non-party actor).

To add non-party actors, please see the how to setup map area.

Automatic Battle Actor note tags can be configured by using the note tag:

  • <TBS Move AI: type> where type can be chase, flee, static or random.
  • <TBS Assist AI> If an ally has critical HP or MP, it prioritizes using a support skill in their favor if they can use it.

Actions are chosen based on their damage typing. Priority is given to skills with damage types for HP Recovery and MP recovery if those values are critical (Allies included if within range). Otherwise, damaging skill types are used such as HP Damage, MP Damage, HP Drain and MP Drain. Lastly, if the actor has no damaging skill they can use, type none skills are added to the possible useage.

How To Setup Enemies

Enemies are a bit more complex than actors given that there is no database setup for their map graphic and as such note tags are required. Before going to setup enemies, it is important to setup a default enemy graphic in the plugin manager to ensure that enemies at least have a default graphic when a note tag for such is not used.

  • <Character File: name> (Case sensitive, avoid using files with spaces in their name)
  • <Character Index: number> (Number within and inclusive of 0 ~ 7)
  • <TBS Layer: number> (Sets the default layer of the battler during TBS Battle)
  • <TBS Stepping> (Sets the battler to always use the stepping animation)
  • <Spawn Anim: number> (If not used, uses default set in plugin parameters)
  • <Start Turn Anim: number> (If not used, uses default set in plugin parameters)
  • <Move End Anim: number> (If not used, uses default set in plugin parameters)
  • <Action End Anim: number> (If not used, uses default set in plugin parameters)
  • <Revive Anim: number> (If not used, uses default set in plugin parameters)
  • <Dead Anim: number> (If not used, uses default set in plugin parameters)
  • <No Map Gauge> (Stops HP gauge/Status Icons from displaying on the map)
  • <Move Range: number> (Designates a move range for actor, can be a mathematical formulae)
  • <TBS Action AI: type> (Active doubles offensive action probability, passive doubles non-offensive action probability. This does not force fix the enemy to use only offensive or non-offensive actions)
  • <TBS Move AI: type> (Smart, Chase, Flee and Random types, explanation available in plugin help. Used mainly for movement type setting)
  • <No Move Balloon: number> (If not used, uses default set in plugin parameters)
  • <Ally Balloon: number> (If not used, uses default set in plugin parameters)
  • <Enem Balloon: number> (If not used, uses default set in plugin parameters)
  • <User Balloon: number> (If not used, uses default set in plugin parameters)

Enemy actions are chosen based on whether there are actors in range of the skill (See next section) and the action parameters set in the database.

  • Skill is the skill the enemy can potentially use
  • Rating is used as the frequency of such action, it only matters when multiple actions are possible and the enemy randomly chooses a random skill to perform.
  • Always condition means that this action has no conditions for use
  • Turn condition currently disables the action completely.
  • HP condition sets the HP % range in which the action is useable
  • MP condition sets the MP % range in which the action is useable
  • State condition sets the action to be useable only when enemy is under said status condition
  • Party level condition requires the average party level of the player’s party to be at or above the set number
  • Switch condition requires the selected switch to be true

You can set enemy parameters as per normal here and unless an external plugin is used to affect this, those parameters will be used as the enemy battler parameter.

When the tactical battle is victorious for the player, the total EXP, Gold and Drop Items are granted.

(NOTE: the tbs sv_enem note tag is used in the scene motions extension! Check it out!)

How To Setup Skills / Items

Skills / Items are what makes the tactical battle system work. There are some peculiarities in how they work in that by default, once an actor/enemy meet resource condition for use, they are able to use the skill. The settings for skills are very similar to items and as such, this guide will focus on skills.

  • <TBS Attack Pattern: type> (line, square or normal)
  • <TBS Attack Range: number> (Attack range of the skill)
  • <Damage Area: number> (Damage area of the skill)
  • <Action View: type> (scene uses the battle scene, map performs the action on the map)
  • <No Through> (Removes no move regions from the attack selection area)
  • <TBS Facing Attack> (Actor only, sets the skill as a facing attack)
  • <TBS Knockback: number> (Knocks back battler for a number of tiles)
  • <TBS Suction: number> (Pulls battler towards origin point)

General Settings

  • Name: Self explanatory. Name of the skill.
  • Icon: Choose an icon for the skill.
  • Description: Describes the skill.
  • Skill Type: The type of skill (None, Magic or Special)
  • Scope: Very important for tactical battle. Determines the number of enemies selected. All enemies will select all enemies in the skill’s range as determined by <Damage Area: number> note tag or <TBS Attack Range: number> (if facing attack tag is used)
  • Occassion: Not used.


  • Speed: Added to the turn calculation speed
  • Success: Not used
  • Repeat: Number of times action is repeated
  • TP Gain: TP gained on skill use
  • Hit Type: May be Magical, Physical or Certain.
  • Animation: The animation played when skill is used


Not used.

Required Weapon

Sets the weapons needed by the actor for using the skill.


  • Type: Type of damage inflicted
  • Element: Element of the damage
  • Formula: The damage formula of the skill
  • Variance: The fluctuation of the final damage
  • Critical Hits: Skill can do critical damage


Setup various effects here.

Attack Layer/Terrain/Region

You can designate specific attack layer by using the note tag: <Hit Layers:[number, number, number…]> where number must be within and inclusive of 0 ~ 2.

  • 0 = Lower
  • 1 = None
  • 2 = Upper

You can designate specific attack terrain by using the note tag: <Hit Terrain:[number, number, number…]> where number must be and inclusive of 0 ~ 7. What terrain tags represent must be setup in the tileset database.

You can designate specific attack region by using the note tag: <Hit Regions:[number, number, number…]> where number is the map region ID.

Reserve Action

Actions can be reserved for a later turn by using the note tag <TBS Reserve Action: number> Where number is the number of turns taken before action is used. <TBS Reserve Anim: id> is the animation played whilst action is in reserve.

Battlers cannot move or act whilst they have an action in reserve.

Reserve Action does NOT work with items.

Please setup reserve area graphics in the plugin manager:

Placed Traps

These are traps which are placed when note tag: <Trap Trigger: number> is used.

Trap damage is based on the damage formula and are triggered only when a valid target is within range or when note tag <Always Trigger Trap> is used.

Traps can be customized to have their own custom graphic by using the following note tags: <Trap Character: filename> and <Trap Character Index: number> which determines the file to use and the character index respectively.

To set a custom animation for trap spawn, use the note tag: <Trap Animation: id>.

To have a custom animation for trap trigger, use the note tag: <Trap Trigger Anim: id>

Placed traps use the highest hit layer available.

How To Setup Map States

On a status effect, the note tag: <Move Bonus: number> adds number towards the battler's move range. You can use a negative number here to reduce movement range.

How To Setup Traps/Events

Traps are events which have been designated as such. Unfortunately, it makes use of the rather tiny note box to setup and as such can be a bit cumbersome to setup.

  • <Trap> (Designates the event as a trap and includes it in the turn order)
  • <TBS Battler: number> (Uses enemy number for the event battler data, eg: <TBS Battler: 1> will use enemy 1 for the data)
  • <TBS Actor Trap> (Trap will trigger on actor proximity only)
  • <TBS Enemy Trap> (Trap will trigger on enemy proximity only)
  • <No Map Gauge> (Disables the HP Gauge from displaying on map)

Trap proximity is determined by the event note tag <Trap Range: number> and its area shape is rhombus type.

Once a battler is within trigger proximity, the even runs as defined in the even page setup.

Special script calls can be used with trap events during event set move route:

  • this.startDamageTBS(value, animation) : Inflicts damage on all targeted battlers and play animation (if used)
  • this.startKnockbackTBS(range) : Knocks back enemies relative to the trap by range amount.
  • this.startBalloonTBS(balloon) : All battlers targeted will play balloon
  • this.startSwapTBS() : Swaps position with a random targeted battler
  • this.spawnEnemy(id) : Spawn enemy id on event location
  • this.startEnemyChaseMove() : Battlers in trap change move AI are set to chase.
  • this.startEnemyFleeMove() : Battlers in trap change move AI are set to flee.
  • this.startEnemyStaticMove() : Battlers in trap change move AI are set to static.
  • this.startEnemyRandomMove() : Battlers in trap change move AI are set to random.
  • this.startEnemyResetMove() : Battlers in trap change move AI are reset to their default.
  • this.startTargetTransferHere() : Randomly transfers a battler in range to the trap location. If location is occupied, cancels transfer.
  • this.startTargetTransferThere(x, y) : Randomly transfers a battler in range to the indicated location. If location is occupied, cancels transfer.
  • this.enemyChaseMove() >>> Changes All Enemy Move AI to chase
  • this.enemyFleeMove() >>> Changes All Enemy Move AI to flee
  • this.enemyStaticMove() >>> Changes All Enemy Move AI to static
  • this.enemyRandomMove() >>> Changes All Enemy Move AI to random
  • this.enemyResetMove() >>> Resets All Enemy Move AI to default


You can setup auto/parallel events to run when actors or enemies (or both) by using the following note tags:

  • <Region Trigger: [number, number, number…]> Where number is the region the auto/parallel event triggers on
  • <Region Actor> Specifies the event to trigger when only actors meet the region ID requirement
  • <Region Enemy> Specifies the event to trigger when only enemies meet the region ID requirement

Example in the event note tag:

<Region Trigger:[2, 5]> Auto event triggers when actors/enemies are on region 2 or 5

<Region Trigger:[2, 5]><Region Actor> Auto event triggers when actors are on region 2 or 5

<Region Trigger:[2, 4, 5]><Region Enemy> Auto event triggers when enemies are on region 2, 4 or 5

How To Setup Map

Map setup is incredibly simple. Once actors, enemies and skills/items are setup in the database, there is only the need to call them on map during the tactical battle.

  • <TBS Map> (Designates map as a tactical battle map)
  • <TBS Troop: number> (If not set, uses plugin parameter default)
  • <TBS Enem Count: number> (Specifies the maximum number of spawnable enemies, also limited by the number of enemy region IDs available)
  • <TBS Enem Ids: [number, number, number…]> (An array of possible enemies spawnable on any possible enemy region, eg: <TBS Enem Ids: [1,7,8]> will randomly spawn enemy 1, 7 or 8 on any enemy region tile)
  • <Region Enem “number”:[number, number, number…]> (The number in quotation refers to the region ID in which the spawn occurs whilst the numbers in the square brackets determine the possible enemies to spawn in said region, eg: <Region Enem 5 :[1]> will spawn enemy 1 on all region 5 whilst <Region Enem 6 :[7, 8]> will randomly spawn enemy 7 or 8 on region 6)
  • <Region Actor ${region}:[number, number, number…]> (Spawns actors on all tiles tagged with that region ID)
  • <Region Actor ${region} Event: number> (Runs common event “number” after spawning associated region actors)
  • <TBS Boss Ids: [number, number, number…]> (A boss enemy will be selected from the numbers in the array. eg: <TBS Boss Ids: [2, 3, 4]> will randomly select enemy 2, 3 or 4 as the boss. Once the boss is slain, the battle is won. Bosses are NOT required to setup.)
  • <TBS Boss X: number> (Sets the boss X-coordinate to the number)
  • <TBS Boss Y: number> (Sets the boss Y-coordinate to the number)
  • <Exit Map ID: number> (Sets the exit map ID to the number. It is possible to setup consecutive battles by transferring the player to another TBS Map.)
  • <Exit Map X: number> (Sets the player exit map X to number)
  • <Exit Map Y: number> (Sets the player exit map Y to number)
  • <Exit Map Dir: direction> (Sets the player facing direction to the direction)
  • <Defeat Condition Leader> (If player party leader is defeated, battle ends in defeat)
  • <Defeat Condition Party> (If player party members are defeated (Not including the leader), battle ends in defeat)
  • <Defeat Condition Actor Traps> (If all traps that target the actor are destroyed, battle ends in defeat)
  • <Defeat Condition Enemy Traps> (If all traps that target the enemy are destroyed, battle ends in defeat)
  • <Defeat Condition Traps> (If all traps are destroyed, battle ends in defeat)
  • <Defeat Condition Escorts ${i}> (eg: <Defeat Condition Escorts 3> Battle ends in defeat if all actors spawned for region 3 specifically are defeated. Does not work for normal/party actor spawn.)
  • <Victory Condition Pos:[x, y]> (If any actor coordinate is at [x, y], battle ends in victory)
  • <Victory Condition Actor Traps> (If all traps that target the actor are destroyed, battle ends in victory)
  • <Victory Condition Enemy Traps> (If all traps that target the enemy are destroyed, battle ends in victory)
  • <Victory Condition Traps> (If all traps are destroyed, battle ends in victory)
  • <Victory Condition Enemies ${i}> (eg: <Victory Condition Enemies 4> Battle ends in victory if all enemies spawned for region 4 specifically are defeated. Does not work for random enemy spawn.)
  • <Defeat Event TBS: number> Play common event “number” when defeat occurs.
  • <Victory Event TBS: number> Play Common event “number” when victory occurs.

Random enemies are spawned first followed by special fixed enemies then bosses and finally actors. After all possible battlers are spawned, auto events (should there be any) are launched and after that, the battle begins.

Random enemies are spawned based on the number of available enemy regions and the maximum number set up based on note tags.

To use tactical battle in random encounter, use the note tag: <Battle Map: number> on NORMAL MAPS (ie: maps not tagged with <TBS Map>). Every encounter will use the pre-set troop to place enemies instead of randomly creating them.

How To Setup Tilesets

Tilesets can be configured via note tags and terrain tag setup to grant move bonus (or penalties) and/or custom damage formula for damage type by terrain tag.

Damage values are modified by the battler’s fdr (floor damage rate) value, an SP parameter.

  • <Damage Tile ${terrainTag} Mp> Damage tile does MP damage
  • <Damage Tile ${terrainTag} State: number> Damage tile adds state
  • <Damage Tile ${terrainTag} Value: number> Damage tile deals additional fixed damage
  • <Damage Tile ${terrainTag} Rate Value: number>
  • <Damage Tile ${terrainTag} Anim: number>
  • <Tile ${terrainTag} Move Bonus>
  • <Tile ${terrainTag} Move Anim: number>


> Plugin is created by Synrec. Credit as such or as kylestclr.

> Modifications to plugin are for private/project specific use only.

> You may not re-sell this plugin as is.

> You may not modify this plugin for re-sale. Personal use or project specific use is ok.

> You may not claim this plugin as your own.

> Plugin must be obfuscated for release or compiled into platform dependent executable.

> Plugin is useable for commercial and free projects, please compile into platform dependent executable.

Monster Capture (Captured Enemies are not useable in the current battle, loaded ABOVE/BEFORE Synrec_TBS):

Construct Plugins (Loaded ABOVE/BEFORE Synrec_TBS):


This plugin does not require much setup information from the designer.

On Compatibilities with other plugins

> If those plugins were not designed by myself, I cannot confirm/deny their compatibility especially in the event those plugins are updated, any prior compatibility/incompatibility may be modified.

> If an error in compatibility occurs, let me know and if it is fixable without breaking core functionality of the plugin, it will be patched up.

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What is involved with the "smart enemy AI?" Does the system know to protect magic users/archers by having other units/tanks prioritizing that?


That option will determine if an enemy chases a nearby target or flees. The AI has been redone to check nearby allies and enemies on every move and then check what skills they have available. If they have a valid skill, they will use it.

i have a problem not sure what it is im trying to add plugin to my game put in right folders copied everything like demo click game loads go to map then just get black screen nothing else

RPG maker version?

Any additional plugins loaded?

Do you have a video available?

(1 edit)

i got rid of all plugins out of it im thinking ive set it up wrong going to look for a dummies guide on how to set up as it works fine in demo gotta be somthing ive done going to go all over it again rpg maker mz

(2 edits)

hi ive tried on demo an have same problem what am i missing or doing wrong added a map on demo like this go into it just get black screen and crashes get the same using mv version 2 i copyed note tags went to map and then just black screen an froze you dont think it could be my nortan 

Do you have the region IDs setup? By default, it is 1 for actors and 2 for enemies. Also please define the no move aareas which by default is region 3

Also, what other plugins do you have loaded?

Wait I see, MV?

Are you using the MV experimental build?

(1 edit) (+1)



Hey is this normal? When I have the plugin turned on, I can't make the player transparent at all. Is there a fix for this

By default the player is turned transparent, do you have any other plugins loaded?

This only happens when I turn on the plugin. I tested it by turning it off and the transparent worked fine but stopped working when I turned it back on

(1 edit)

Hello, everyone! Synrec, great work with this TBS. I had a question as to Actor's Movement range. I am trying to limit each of the Player's Actors to a certain movement range; however, when I enter the range as you indicated, let's say <Move Range: 2> as a note tag, the range for the Actor remains the same as in the demo (six, I believe) when playing. Any ideas? Thanks! Here is a screenshot:

Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated.

Do you have any equipment or status effects which modify move range?


Wow. Thanks for the quick response!

Mmmm, no. No modifications. This is out the box using the demo game included as is. The only thing I did change was putting the player to start in the Factory 1 stage instead of the Tbs Hub stage. But no, didn't change status effects or equipment. I'm barely starting this journey so the mods you mentioned are too sophisticated at this point for me...

Thank you, will check this out

On the default equipped weapon for Michelle, there is a move bonus of 5, did you try removing that note tag?


Excellent! That solved it! Thank you so much for the insight and prompt response. This TBS rocks! Much appreciated!!!

Not a problem, good luck with your project!

I can't seem to figure out how to use the random encounter part. I got that I put <Battle Map: number> on the normal map with the range number for the troop, but I don't know how to identify which map is the battle map that the player gets sent to. 

Can someone help me pls?

the number refers to map ID which is located at the top left corner of the window when editing map properties 


OMG that makes sense now lol thank you very much!

No problem, good luck!

The battle map must be a designated TBS map

So I would like to use several actors in a Tactical Battle. But I can't figure out how to spawn any actors outside of the active party.

Is there a way to do this without expanding the active party size?

You can use the special actor summon.

In the map note tags, use the note tag:

<Region Actor ${region}:[1, 4, 7]> to spawn actors 1, 4 and 7 randomly on region, ${region}. If you wish to spawn one actor per region, simply use the note tag as the following:

<Region Actor 2:[1]> spawn actor 1 on an available region 2 tile

<Region Actor 4:[3]>`spawn actor 3 on an available region 4 tile

Okay that puts the Actor on the map, anyway to make that actor controllable? Right now they're just an Auto Battler.

In the plugin you can disable the forced true setting I have in place for those actors on line 2254 (just remove the 'true' argument) and you should be good to go. 

Outside of modding the script, I'll keep this as a mod-able option in the future.

That works perfectly, thank you!

This looks impressive and it is tempting me to get RPG Maker MZ. (I have only used MV so far.)

How does this battle system determine turn order? It looks like you don't need a Fire Emblem style player/enemy phase at least. Are the turn order functions customizable?

Have you seen the tactics system that TheUnproPro was working on? He was using the animated SV battlers for the system to use action sequences and more animated interactions. Is it possible to be able to do something like that for more animated skills and attacks? Or maybe it can be an extension plugin at some point?

good day, thanks for the interest in my plugin!

Ma actions and turn order management are the next planned updates (given that they go hand-in-hand

I saw what unpro is doing and yes you can use SV animated battlers but those are more for scene activity.

SV battlers are available with the extension plugin. I tried incorporating an already established plugin but it was more efficient to make one specifically for the TBS

(1 edit)

Are SV battlers for the scene plugin only for a cutscene type of view?

I would guess Visustella has an animated SV enemy battler option, but you also made one better for this system?

Edit: TheUnproPro said his SV tactical plugin will likely work with your system. If that can work, I think it would be very exciting. I was worried he might have given up on the project, but maybe he has worked on it off and on for years.

Thanks for the quick replies!

I won't say better just more fitting and easier to modify in the future if requests come in for it. It's not made for the default battle system at all.

Glad it won't be incompatible, should allow for more diverse tactical systems in the same game

Missing images will be updated later, probably when I do map actions


Synrec, I'm using your plugin for a game I'm making and I am so very grateful for your work on this. It's exactly what I was hoping it would be. 

I do have a couple questions for you:

1) the "Suction" parameter does not seem to be working. I have tried setting it to all manner of numbers to get it to pull units, all to no avail. Knockback works just fine, so I am curious if there's something borked in it or if I'm just using it wrong. I have an ability set to <TBS Suction: 2> and it doesn't pull the targeted unit.

2) I am seeing inconsistency in terms of targets effected by an AOE attack, and targets outside of the marked area of effect being impacted. I have an ability with the parameters

<TBS Attack Pattern: square>

<TBS Attack Range: 3>

<Damage Area: 2>

and it will often not hit all enemies within the square, but will hit enemies just on the periphery of the square. 

3) I have had a couple skills set to charm or confuse an enemy, and in both cases, when the enemy unit's turn comes up, I get an error message. "TypeError: Cannot read property of '0' undefined" which crashes the game.

I haven't tested every state to see if it returns this error, but poison, stun, and dead states do not return this error. 

Thanks for your time, attention, and hard work on this plugin! 


Seems to also have an issue with the Rage state where the game will return an error message on that unit's turn. 

I've also noticed that sometimes a unit will try to get to a tile that is unreachable due to being bodyblocked by an enemy or ally. If it is an ally that is set to autobattle, I can mash cancel and get the command window to pop up so I can end their turn. For enemies, they walk back and forth infinitely trying to path to the unreachable tile, softlocking the game. 

Third, and this is a small quibble, but the UI seems to be locked at a fixed resolution. I have a game running in 720 and the UI extends past the boundaries of the screen and some of the UI elements are cut off. Is the plugin built for 1080, or is it supposed to scale to the user-defined resolution, but isn't? 

Thanks :) 

The UI can be adjusted from the Scene_Map object. Going forward I may check this out. Please let me know if the issues still occur.

Hello Synrec. Just a question. Does the TBS have the restriction of 4 active Party-Members as RPGMaker MZ has without plugins? Or can you use more partymembers if you use a plugin for MZ?

Yes, can use another plugin to modify it, I have not modified that function


Hello Synrec. Just a small suggestion today. I tried to setup skills in a certain order. But however I set them up in the database, it always ends up like this: 

But the secons skill in this picture is the main attack skill of this character. It would be great and less confusing if skills in battle are in the same order as the setup in the database (I´m not completely sure, if this is even possible because both skills in this picture are lv. 1 skills.)

Not impossible, just might interfere with everyone else working with the TBS system as well. I'll have it on fence however.


I´m really sorry. I completely misinterpreted the order of skills in battle. It´s already determined by skill-ID (I think). And thats exactly how it should be. 


Today I just wanted to say thank you.  I did a lot of playtesting the last days and your tactical battle system is working just fantastic. Love the new victory screen.. 

Ah no problem, all the best with your project!


Theres another small thing. All enemys are set to 'TBS chase'. Both actors attack the same bird (sorry for the tree). And this bird attacks back. but the other birds just stay in their place every round and won´t move again until the first bird dies or an actor moves to another place. If this is a restriction from the rpgmaker itself when theres nothing that can be done about it. But still it is a bit unfortunate, because it takes a lot away from tactical battle.

Thanks for all the feedback, will make it easy to compile a list of bugs to sort through when I update


small update on the attack post: It only occurs if there are more than one actors.

the bird above the actor was just in line with the other bird like in the first picture. but he 'moved' to the attack-position on his turn. 

It's been smashed on my end so no worries about that at all. Just sifting through the other reported bugs now.

(2 edits) (+1)

Ok.This one is a bit weird

You see the green haired actor? this one was dead. Another actor stood on the same place and used a potion (normal healing; no resurrection). now the dead actor is back to life and can´t move because the other actor is below.



I'm really sorry, but I already have another problem.

Now, with 'attack times + 1' the char, equipped  with this weapon has two complete  phases (incfluding a second movement-phase). Shouldn't that just be a second attack, or am I completely wrong?


And another thing, but just for your interest: you can´t start a battle if the char has no name. I startet a game there the character has no name and the battle starts with the following error:

Thanks for notifying me.

TBS does not use the attack command and as such that trait simply grants the actor another "turn"


Thanks for your answer. I thought so. It*s doable by using skills instead. So no problem :)

(2 edits)

Hello, Is there a way to see what loot you get from enemies after battle? At the moment I'm doing this with an event, but that's very cumbersome.

Edit: I have another question. $gameVariables works really great, but is there a way to implement this in arrays as well, like <TBS Enem Ids: [6,7]>?

Edit2: My first question of today is not really THAT important. I found some easy ways to implement this by using events after battle-ending.

Edit3: There is another thing. If an enemy steps on an already dead enemy, you can see both pictures together. Would it be possible, to see only the sprite of the actual enemy? (in the picture the dead enemy is the small flame)

For the loot window... I think I'll do a victory window.

If anything I wanted the dead enemy displayed on the map but if anything, I'll look into it whilst I'm checking out the victory window setup

For the dead enemys - I don´t know how these sprites are displayed, I know other programs which uses some z-index. If rpgmaker don´t have this, then I think it is ok as it is because it is great that the dead enemys are displayed on the map (for resurrecting or something like this) .

A victory window sounds really great. 

Hello Synrec, since your Patreon is not really in use, is where another way to support you, even to a small amount (besides buying another licence of the plugin XD)

Oh thank you, I'll look into such methods. I don't really know what to offer with Patreon as a subscription service which is why I disabled it for now.

Hello again. This time it is about skills. I tried to make a passive skill with no scope and no occassion, so it won´t show up as battleskill. But whatever I tried, it always shows up in battle. 

This is the skill

Passive? That's interesting. I'll check it out but I didn't even notice this was a thing

You need to set an ooccasion for skills to show up in the TBS


the skill should NOT be shown in battle. but even with occassion set to never it shows in battle. *passive* is not originally in the database. This is something I added later. It´s meant for skills which I use in events (like collecting plants) 

I have a walkaround for now. I just set up a weapon called 'skill' and set it up as required. 

I just tried it with a skill which has a normal skilltype (set in the database from start) and set occassion to menu only. It still is shown in battle.

And I have another question to skills:

I set a skill with range 3 and exclude range 2

and now I cannot target the upper *circles* using keyboard - mouse works. 

Menu and battle skills should show up in the TBS but none definitely should not. That's a bug thanks for bringing it to my attention. Think I missed something there.

Also the keyboard movement thing.

(1 edit)

I´m sorry, but I already have another question.

I have this potion. After using it in battle it still stays in the inventory and I can use it infinite. Outside of battle it consumes one potion on use. Is there something else I have to setup that I´m missing?

It remains infinitely? Bug.

Gonna smash. Already got rid of a few on my end so thanks for letting me know about this now.

Dear Sync, I have a question about the TOU:

"Plugin must be obfuscated on project release"

I would like to publish a project demo in the community (https://rpgmaker-mv.de for feedback, suggestions etc.). Unfortunately I have no idea how to obfuscate a plugin. Do you have any advice on this please?

JavaScript Obfuscator Tool

I'll probably make an obfuscated version with the next update I have in the pipeline


Thak you for your answer and your help. :)

Hello. I just noticed something. If an opponent is defeated, the "dead graphic" remains. If a second enemy moves to the exact same space and I attack that second enemy, the attack animation plays twice. That looks a bit weird.

thanks for letting me know this. This is for map action yes?

Yes, it is.

Hello, again ;) Is there a way to specify an attack range with range 3 <TBS Attack Range: 3> but it cannot attack on range 1? Something like, if you have an crossbow and you can´t use it in close combat?


<Exclude Range TBS: number>


Thank you :)

Is it possible you could begin accepting Stripe payments for this plugin? My paypal account is all out of whack and ive been trying to purchase this for days haha

Unfortunately, I am not able to use stripe at the moment. 

damn, thats alright.

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Hi ! I have a lot of fun with your plugin, you did an amazing job !

I have a small question : is there a way to limit the number of member on the map, like you can do with enemy with the command <TBS Enem Count: (number)> ?

in my case : I use a plugin that allow to have more that 4 member

for example : I have 12 member, 4 in my "active group" (the first four), and the rest in my "reserve group"

my goal is that you can only place the 4 member from the "active group" during the placement phase.

ps : sorry for my bad English.

Hello, thanks for bringing this to my attention, I'll see to adding a parameter that limits actors

Ok, thanks a lot !

ho, another thing, characters don't disappear when they die^^, and I don't know why

Characters have a death graphic. This is to facilitate revivals. You can change this via plugin parameters

TY  !

I have one last question : how to hide the HP gauge when an enemy is dead ? 

As before, it was to notify dead battlers but I'll see to making that an option

Dear Syncrec, Two questions. Question 1: Is here (itch.io) the best way to ask questions, or do you prefer something else?

Question 2: What exactly does <TBS Troop: number> do? Is this used for the <TBS Map>? If so, am I doing something completely wrong, or is it not meant for that at all?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Oh, and thanks so much for implementing variable usage in tags in the last update :)

(1 edit)

1) You may ask here if convenient, I am also on the RPG maker forums.

2) It's supposed to be an empty troop or a troop you will be using for scene type battle actions (Battle actions which make use of the battle scene).

No problem with the last update, it should be able to use any script call so as long as the return value is a number

Thank you very much for your fast answer :)

 I have another question; I have the following map setup:

<TBS Map>

<TBS Enem Ids: [2]>

<TBS Enem Count: $gameVariables.value(12)>

<Place Actor 1:1>

<Place Actor 2:1>

<Defeat Event TBS: 14>

<Victory Event TBS: 13>

the victory event does work, but on defeat it jumps to game over and not to the event. Do I need a special setup for the actors? Both events are the same and should transfer the actor to another map.

I'll check this out, thanks for letting me know!



thank you. awesome :)


First of all thanks again for this great combat system. Bought it without thinking twice as it has everything I've wanted for a long time.

Is there a way to use variables in notetags? for example in the map tag, something like:

<TBS Map>

<TBS Enem Count: \v[1]>

<TBS Enem Ids: [1]>

<Exit Map ID: \v[2]>

<Exit Map X: \v[3]>

<Exit Map Y: \v[4]>

<Place Actor 1:1>

or is there an equivalent to achieve something like this that I've overlooked? (so in this example, a random number of enemies or the ability to return to the coordinates of the event that started the fight?)

$gameVariables.value(x) where x is the variable ID


Thank you

Thanks for your support!

I've tried and tested a lot in the last few days and it just works great. But I just can't get the use of variables in the note tags. <TBS Enem Count: $gameVariables.value(1)> just doesn't work for me. Am I doing something wrong or doesn't it work like that in the tags? I would be grateful for any help.

Oh ok, I'll check that with the plugin. Going to do some checks on it so I'll push this in as part of it

I've always wanted to make a tactical turn-based game, been working on a turn-based one but not overly far into it. Would love to try this instead. Do any of visustella plugins work with this?

I've heard that they do a while back, not sure if there has been any changes.

MZ3D does not work.


Bug Report - Using a healing item causes a crash.  'Reference Error baseVal is not defined'  Looks like it's in rmmz managers.js:2031.

Specifically I made an herb recovery item that restores 10% + 30HP and tested it with both the formula box and the effects box (not at the same time) and used it in and out of battle and with only your plugin on and it still gives that error.  


can you post the screenshot of the console error?

(1 edit) (+2)

I'm not Original Knightmare but I could reproduce it :

It does not crash when the damage type is set to "none"




Wow.  A lot of recent fixes lately, nice work.  I am really enjoying playing around with this.  

Bug Report - Ex-Parameter Counter Attack doesn't work.  Gave a piece of equipment +100% Counter Attack rate and no counters occur.

Suggestion - Can you make it to where the <Move Range: x> tag for Actors can also be used for Classes?  That would satiate the games that incorporate class changing of some sort and make movement dependent on class.


Haven't implemented counter attacks in it yet but that and substitute is in my headspace for implementation in the future.

The class thing, sure

(1 edit)

Cool.  I will wait patiently for them.  I will try to only suggest things that I think many people would like, won't be too difficult, and that will increase your sales by having more options available to the player.  


I'm interested by this but before buying I would like to know if there is AoE (area of effects) and if we can choose the shape of it? (circle/square/+shape cross/x shape cross/ combinaison of shapes)

is it possible to be able to target only in diagonal?

Is it possible to make a spell that heal an ally when cast on it but deals damage to enemy when done on an enemy when both are in the AoE for exemple with : "isEnemy()" in formula?

Is it possible to push/pull enemies and or allies and do pushback damage?

Summon allies?

Resurrect ally?

lay trap on the ground with a skill?

having a spell that turn your character invisible (change character to a dimmed version of it and will not be targeted by enemy)?

invert position of a character and an enemy?

Lift and throw an enemy?

teleport an enemy to an other location?

Is it provided with a demo that shows many things the plugin can do?

Is it compatible with Eli Book ?

Is it compatible with a plugin that can change the tile size?

Will this plugin have those features added over time if not present?

Will this plugin receive updates or it is basically in a final state with the 4.0?

Sorry, so many questions!!!



The current types of AoEs are Square, Line and Normal, with facing attack, normal transforms into conical attack

Diagonal only? No, but this is noted.

You can make an attack target both enemies and allies by having it set as scope: everyone. The damage formula is not different from RPG maker default so you can use scripts in the formula bar.

You can knock back targets but pulling them is a no for now.

You can't summon allies yet but you can resurrect them. Unfortunately I need to setup a graphic setting to indicate dead battlers. Enemies can be spawned/summoned in by using trap settings

Laying traps not possible yet.

You can modify a character's target rate to the point an enemy ignores them (invisible) but it has no graphical semblance yet.

If you mean swap position of enemy and actor then no not yet. The code is there for it but this faces a similar situation to pulling a battler when an AoE situation occurs. Teleportation is the same.

I have started uploading videos on what this system is capable of, especially setting up a full auto battle sequence for special scenarios, but so far a fully playable demo outside purchase? Not yet.

Depending on how the plugin is written and the error code received, I can make changes to this plugin to allow for cross compatibility.

This plugin does not rely on tile size as much as it relies on coordinates.

4.0 is NOT the final version of this plugin. If I get a suggestion, I'll fit it in but those additions won't be as rapid as I was updating this plugin as of recent. Bug fixes will be at the same speed if detected but additions won't be as rapid.

Thank you!

You conviced me, I'll buy it!


No problem, please let me know if anything comes up besides what was suggested prior.


I really like the battle system but I think the HUD needs some polishing!

Maybe something more like this?


The area selection window may be modified in the future but the intention for that is a touch friendly interface which can be used on mobile devices or mouse only games. Changing the size can make it really difficult when a designer decides their game needs starting points on opposite ends of the map.

The skill window works as an alternative menu to show more available skills though in the first place, not sure if other designers will want more skills showing given that the window filters out non-use able skills.

I'll consider modifying the selection window.

Definitely agree the HUD sucks...

(3 edits) (+1)

Just a heads up for those who were curious about this being compatible with VisuStella....I've so far tested the Core and the Tier 1 Free Plugins and have not run into any crashes or errors EXCEPT for the Battle Core in that there are no popups for anything but since the TBS is its own Battle System I doubt many would even want Battle Core to begin with.   I plan on testing it with more VisuStella stuff in the near future and will report my findings.

Thanks! This might have just convinced me to pick this up :)

(1 edit)

No prob!  I know pretty much everyone and their mom uses VisuStella stuff, myself included, and this would be a deal breaker for at least most of those people if at least the Core and the Tier 1 Free Plugins weren't compatible.  

I have yet to play around with other VisuStella Plugins to see if they play nice so just be aware that I'm only talking about the free ones being compatible but I think most of the rest SHOULD work as long as it doesn't mess too much with battles or things proximate to battles.  


A couple more bugs to report...

1.  There are no Regeneration Popups on the battlers.  Tried to make a regen skill and it refills the HP but it shows no number popup and sometimes it regens twice in one turn when it should only do it once.

2.  Made an enemy that has 50 MP and a skill that uses 40 MP, he shouldn't be able to use this skill more than once but he has an endless supply of it and just keeps spamming it.  He shouldn't be able to do that if he runs out of MP.


1) I haven't modified the regeneration code but I'll give it a look-see and edit it based on what I see.

2) This issue has been located, patched and will not be present in 4.0

The double regeneration, are you talking about the Michelle character who can move twice? It is intentional for regen effects to trigger per action with the current version. This changes in 4.0 where action based states trigger on action end and turn based states trigger when no actions available.

(1 edit)

I actually used the male priest character (forgot his name) and he gave regen to himself and it seemingly restored HP at the start of his turn AND when his turn ended.  But I'm glad it looks like you figured the issue out and it will be fixed. Thanks for fixing that other one with the MP as well, that was definitely a big deal lol.  

This won't affect regen effects however.

Sorry if I'm starting to be annoying but is there a way to disable all that stuff that's flying across the screen on the TBS Maps?  At first I thought it was a weather effect but it seems like it's something to do with the plugin itself and I'm not finding a way to turn it off,  Thanks.


That's the demo project only. You can setup layered graphics to play during actor/enemy phase


Ok yeah, I found it in the Plugin Parameters, I should have looked more closely.   Thanks.  


Looking through the plugin notes more closely and exploring the database more in the Demo I noticed that there's no custom paramters for weapons/armor.  

Any chance you could add in ranges/area etc. for weapons like for skills?  This way someone can have a spear or whip weapon for instance able to go 2 tiles instead of just the 1.

Also maybe a way to equip a certain armor and increase move range.  I know there's a state for that but I think it would be more efficient to do it straight from the equipment itself rather than tying it to a passive state essentially, this way someone can equip 'move boots' or something that gives them +2 move range.  

Just some suggestions that would make the plugin even more versatile. Have a good day.


You know, I actually generally overlook that when making my plugins. The weapons/armors.

They're really simple to slip in with the 4.0 so expect that. 

(1 edit)

Sounds good, thank you!  I'm going to do more experiments in the next coming days to see more of what this can do and start working on a scratch project with the plugin and I'll let you know how that goes as well most likely.  


Definite improvements in the last update but there's still a couple issues.  So far I'm still just playing your demo so there's no other plugins but the TBS.

1. The issue I was talking about last time stll exists.  Maybe I didn't explain it well...basically what I was getting at is that any skill that has an area effect doesn't show an indicator for the area effect on the map itself.  I'm assuming you've played one of the Final Fantasy Tactics games.  In those games let's say you use the Fire Skill, when you first select the skill the range lights up (yours does this) and you then go and select where you want the skill to go (yours does this with the little blue fire thing) and it shows the area of effect (yours does NOT do this if it targets more than one square.)  This is what I was getting at.  The Fire skill in Final Fantasy Tactics after you select a target tile will then highlight the total area effected to give a visual indicator of where it will actually hit but with your you kinda have to guess.  

2.  For some reason when you use regular attack from the 2nd round and on the little blue flame thing moves suuuuppperrrr slow to the target area and soft freezes the game.  Not sure what that's about.  I tried it multiple times and it still does it.

3.  Sometimes the camera won't shift up to show the damage done if the skill has a high range.  Maybe some sort of camera moving mechanism to go to the target area?

All in all though I do like the direction it's going and it keeps getting better so I have no doubt it will be an epic system before too long.  


Thanks for the feedback!

1) You mean the damage splash area is not showing up with the selector sprite?

2) Ok, that's serious. Not getting the issue on my end but if you say that it freeze on movement then that tells me that I have an update cycle running that's causing some lags somewhere. I'll try some update optimizations

3) I was thinking of making the camera zoom out if an enemy goes off screen but that can cause certain screen effects to break. Next would be to individually show the damage effects but that would be slow and weird, last would be what you suggest but for off-screen targets,a window would pop-up showing the HP bars decreasing instead of shifting, shifting won't work too well with multiple targets.

Right now I'm working on trying to get a smart routing mechanism working for auto battlers/enemies because they kinda do dumb nonsense when maps have certain obstacles in weird places.

There's also auto battlers/enemies using actions (type none damage skills) when the effects won't do much of anything. That's something I'm knocking off after the route fix.

Thanks a ton for the feedback!

(1 edit)

1.  Yeah, pretty much.  The blue flame thing that you move around will depress the tile that is on but if anything has an area effect more than a single tile then it does not depress (or highlight) the other tiles it's supposed to effect.  

2.  Strange how it does it to me but not to you.  Glad you'll try update optimizations.  

3.  Yeah, there's a few different ways you could go about this so you have to weigh your options carefully to get what would be most effective for what you're trying to do.  I think your idea of the window popup showing up would be a good middle ground for it.  

I know getting the AI right was the problem a lot of other TBS creators had in the past as it was (according to them) very tedious and finnicky.  Hopefully that won't cause you too much stress.

You're welcome for the feedback.  I want this thing to be as good as it can be because I do really like TBS.  At least for a little while I'll keep testing the new demos to give more feedback.

Hi.  I think there's some issues with the targeting and damage area mechanics.  It seems like the <Damage Area:x> tag should show some sort of visual indicator (flashing or something) of the area that is going to be effected.  It does this for the range but not for the area.

For example in most TBS, you use a skill and get a visual of the range by either colored tiles or flashing tiles or something (yours does this) but let's say you have a skill that has an area of 1 (which in most would indicate and effect the square selected and one square on each side of it so a total of 5 squares are effected) it does not show this visually in yours.  

I tested this in your demo with no other plugins.  I tried changing the notetag of the Fire 1 skill and played with the <TBS Attack Pattern: type> and <Damage Area:> tags to see if there was a way to visually show this but it doesn't appear that it does this. and there's only a visual indicator for the range but not the area,

Hopefully that made sense.  

Are you referring to auto actors and enemies?

Added this in on my end, will be available with update 3.8

It wasn't specifically about auto-actors and auto-enemies.   It sounds like you knew what I was getting at on the second reply though.  Thanks for the quick reply and for adding that in 3.8, looking forward to it.  


I'll give it a look over before releasing the update

Picked up the plugin yesterday.  I'll do some experimentation with it over the next few days and see what other plugins it is compatible with. 

I read the disclaimer but hoping it at least works with basic visustella plugins but if not there's bound to be other plugins that will be compatible.

Nice work overall on the plugin and glad you're still working on it and squashing bugs.

Thank you. If an error occurs please let me know and if something can be done on my end I'll do so.

Hallo there, i'm fairly new to the whole rpg-maker stuff and just recently stumbled upon youre plugin (so sorry, if these questions are stupid or already answered x.x)

but can this plugin (or is it intended to in the future) allow me to:

1] use different types of combat mechanics for different enemies
(ie: to just see the portrait / hp - bars of actor/enemy (with the location on the map as background) and a small attack animation above the portrait for weaker enemies but the normal battle screen (or even manual combat) for stronger ones?

2] to set different areas (sea/land/air/earth) and assign bonus/malus as well as movement options (for each unit type individually)

3] to get bonus, when certain actors / enemies are next to each other (and/or skills only useable, if that is the case]

4] fog of war supported?

again sorry, if the questions are stupid x.x

I don't understand (1)

2) You can setup move routes individually or rely on the base calculation for it from the plugin. I'll look into incorporating terrain tags but as of right now, no.

3) You mean combination skills? Not yet. It will most likely be extended from when I update skill construct.

4) Well, yes and no. Yes you can setup custom graphics for during actor move phase and action phase but after that, it fades out and then the enemy graphics show. No because it is not a persistent effect. I'll look into making this a simple add-in for persistent effect.

thanks for the fast answers ;)

*thinks* what i meant with (1) was like ...
if i have 3 enemies, a small, weak slime, a normal enemy and a boss ...

would it be possible to have something
like a portrait or picture

overlapping the characters map-position
overlayed with a small / fast attack animation
for small / weak / fast enemies

and a "normal / standard / manual" combat for stronger enemies and bosses

oh pre-attack animations. I was going to add this in the early version of it but with all the animations that already delay combat, I've decided not to at the moment.

2 is now a complete yes

Are there any plans in the future for additional damage area shapes? Attacking everything in a line instead of just one square along the line, dealing damage to everything in a cone, things like that?

like to use the attack selection area itself as the damage area?

Yes, exactly. That is a much better way of describing it.

It's something I'll check out with the plugin though yes, it is possible.

You're coming up with some good plugins that are versatile and powerful.  You're the first that I know of that made a TBS for MZ.

I'll most likely pick this up in the near future after I see how it develops over time.   Nice work.  Looking forward to seeing what else happens to this plugin.


Is the plug-in compatible with visuMZ plug-in? Because I have already spent 200 dollars to buy a full set of visuMZ. 

If they are not compatible, it will be difficult to choose.

If it is compatible, I will not hesitate to buy it because it is great.That's what I want.

I cannot confirm that given that visuMZ has a large plugin library, incompatibilities may pop-up in between certain plugins.

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